What we do

iBERA AG is a rapid test profiling method that uses biosensors to determine substances at different levels.
The biosensors are applied using an internationally patented analysis developed, the BERA method.
iBERA is the further development of processes based on the BERA method.
iBERA AG's goal is to perform the analysis considerably faster and more cost-efficient with the use of neural networks technology.

Αpplication Areas

Fruit and Vegetables

Fish and meat

Human and Medical

Veterinary control

Germplasm control


Our Customers


Several necessary factors in production level can now be checked in just a few minutes using the cloud laboratory.


Volumes can be checked using this state of the art technology to ensure quality of products.

Retail trade

Quality of trades can be monitored within minutes using the cloud laboratory tools.

Authorities / Customs

Hundreds of checks per day can now be conducted immediately in various products.

Analytical industry

A new screening method with new selective levels and a low per sample price is now possible using our bespoke products.


Management Board

Lawyer Michael Neubeck

CEO - Management Board

Diplom-Kaufmann Hans-Joachim Conrad

Management Board

Supervisory Board

Legal Committee

Dipl-Informatiker Martin Hupf

Attorney-at-Law Vicky Athanassoglou

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Spyridon Kintzios

Honorary Member of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Sascha Rohn

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Philipp Weller

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Panagiotis Skandamis

Scientific Committee

Dr. Carsten Bargmann

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Constantine Yialouris

Scientific Committee