Our Viewpoint

iBERA AG employs a rapid analysis especially developed cell cultures that react with immobilized antibodies complementary to the substance to be determined on a specially designed circuit board. After about 180 seconds of measuring the cellular electrical voltage by the customized BERA readout device, the analysis result is presented instantly on the user's server.

The extraction of the sample to be analyzed is feasible and easy to handle by the end users themselves. The end users can perform on-site sampling according to their own plan. Current extensive determinative “forensic” analytical laboratory methods are no longer necessary for the quality assessment of a sample.
iBERA AG's database guarantees the end-user the constant availability of the analytical results. In addition, it may grant access of the test data to third parties, if so desired.

In this way, iBERA AG implements absolutely proper control procedures for production & process of food and other applications.